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Guest Artist Concert | Brian KM

December 2 at 8pm

The Record Co 960 Massachusetts Ave, Boston

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"I can't imagine anyone NOT enjoying Brian KM Live!, and in the process receive something educational and of real value from attending the performance.  From the music enthusiast, to a serious horn student in music school, to budding composers, digital artists, and even club DJs, there's something for everyone in Brian KM's shows.  Entertaining, thought-provoking, and a multifaceted celebration of electro-acoustic music for the horn, Brian KM Live! is a highly recommended experience for everyone!"

"It was the most original performance I'd ever seen."

"I loved the creativity and experimentation!"

"I was initially skeptical about anything involving electronics and horn and honestly wasn't looking forward to the recital. But once I was there, I really enjoyed it!"

About the Show

The live human french hornist Brian KM and his friendly not-a-human computer, Stan, perform, joke, and reflect through original pieces featuring french horn and live electronics. Listen in and hear what Stan can do while Brian plays the horn, including autolooping, synthesis, and live electronic manipulation. Connect your senses to musical storytelling through photography, video, and glimpses into the computer himself!

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